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schmitty Built

Post by WishBone »

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Post by OU Chinaman »

...there seems to be this building of a TEAM SPIRIT & UNITY, with thIS 2022 edition of SOONER football.

Very heady, very exciting. Haven't really sensed this @ OKLAHOMA since Stoops National Title team in 2000.

TEAM SPIRIT can build & grow as a season progresses, sparking events and circumstances. Most of us know it as SOONER MAGIC!

The "chinamen" will lend their own brand of psychic energy, willing this team to victory. You can feel this undercurrent of magical force gathering in Norman.

I expect Lebby's offense to cut & slash a swath through the Big 12, but I really think this team will be defense-centric. Seems we've been waiting a very long time to see OUr once stellar defensive reputation restored.

I think its about to be. With no small thanks due Schmitty!

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Post by Bixby_Sooner »

Leave it to OUr new HC to come up with a way to turn official weigh-ins into an event!
A commitment is NOT a reservation - Brent Venables 3/21/22
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Post by captnop »

Glad to gave Schmitty back!! Actually it's both of them OU hasn't had this kind of fire since BV left. Glad to have two of the most intense guys I've ever seen back at the same time!!
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Post by WishBone »

The Players love this guy
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Post by OU Guy »

WishBone wrote: Sat Aug 06, 2022 7:56 am The Players love this guy
This is so true! I think what helps is having past players who went through it and talking to current players explaining the "pain to gain" concept, so it wasn't unknown to them. The players who went through his workouts without having any knowledge of what to expect (back in the day) truly were troopers not knowing day to day what was in store. That's the charm in having ex players hang around your program they can help the current crop get through tough times and explain what's going on. Seems to me all the players embraced it and this helped them bond. And then they respect Smitty knowing he is truly trying to help them be their best version.
In Brent I Trust :D
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The old that is strong does not wither.
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