Did a Lil Background research on Our Resident"Hombre"

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Did a Lil Background research on Our Resident"Hombre"

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Interesting. There were lots of lawless types in this part of the country back in the 1800s and early 1900s.
Pretty Boy Floyd was another, many Oklahomans thought that he was just a poor, persecuted guy...
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I took my handle from this man (link). The book he wrote about the early life he lead as the first US Marshal over Oklahoma. It's a fascinating account not only of chasing down the Doolin Gang but included smaller articles about horse thieves and bootleggers.
One such horse thief he depicted was a Frank Baker that was tracked to a cave one mile from where I live. (Red Bud Nature Preserve, Catoosa). A horse thief that escaped by jumping into Bird Creek and the deputies didn't shoot him but arrested his lady friend. He was later caught in his hometown of Vinita, Ok.

Now the for rest of the story: My grandfather was named Dick Baker and his early roots track him within miles of Vinita. Only 2 or 3 hundred people populated that town at the time. Baker family was the only family registered at that time, so I figure Frank was probably a relative of mine. I've always been partial to horses, especially free ones. :D

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Deacon Jim Miller was one of the baddest of the bad men.
Mean as a snake, he often preached at the Methodist Church. He was hung in Ada in 1909 and when I was a kid I remember seeing the pictures of his hanging prominently displayed at the local Sale Barn.

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