Survivor Week 3 Results and week 4 games

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Survivor Week 3 Results and week 4 games

Post by SwampSooner »

Thanks to Ok St, we lost one player last week. I guess the old adage held true, 'Three QBs is no QBS'. Speaking of adages, 'Prevent defense prevents nothing' saved three of our players at Colorado. The following 13 will continue forward. The list includes previous picks.

This week, we have 2 Friday games added to our pick list. If you choose one of those games, your pick will be due Friday at 6 PM. Saturday game picks will be due 10 AM on Saturday. Remember, if you have played a team, you can't play them again this season. Good luck.

Week 1Week 2Week 3
AriesTennesseeFlorida StColorado
IMAsoonerWashington StUtahColorado
OklahombrePenn StFlorida StColorado
gcruse7TennesseeSo CalDuke
Bixby_SoonerRutgersUCLAFlorida St
OU CharliePenn StUtahFlorida St
OU ChinamanOhio StOle MissOklahoma
Triple OptionTennesseeFlorida StOle Miss
WaltPenn StFlorida StOle Miss
BlueTennesseeSo CalPenn St
MHSoonerTennesseeFlorida StPenn St
White RiverStanfordUtahPenn St
WishbonePenn StFlorida StTulane
Here are this week's games -
Friday, September 22ndWisconsin at Purdue
Friday, September 22ndNC State at Virginia
Saturday, September 23Auburn at Texas A&M
Saturday, September 23Florida State at Clemson
Saturday, September 23Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Saturday, September 23Rutgers at Michigan
Saturday, September 23Oklahoma at Cincinnati
Saturday, September 23SMU at TCU
Saturday, September 23Boston College at Louisville
Saturday, September 23BYU at Kansas
Saturday, September 23Colorado at Oregon
Saturday, September 23Maryland at Michigan State
Saturday, September 23Ole Miss at Alabama
Saturday, September 23UCLA at Utah
Saturday, September 23Oklahoma State at Iowa State
Saturday, September 23Georgia Tech at Wake Forest
Saturday, September 23Arizona at Stanford
Saturday, September 23Arkansas at LSU
Saturday, September 23Oregon State at Washington State
Saturday, September 23Iowa at Penn State
Saturday, September 23Minnesota at Northwestern
Saturday, September 23Mississippi State at South Carolina
Saturday, September 23Ohio State at Notre Dame
Saturday, September 23Texas at Baylor
Saturday, September 23North Carolina at Pitt
Saturday, September 23UCF at Kansas State
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Post by Oklahombre »

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Post by White River »

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Post by gcruse7 »

For now I'll hold my nose and pick LSU
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." Jim Elliot
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Post by OU Chinaman »

I'm going to continue with teams beginning with an "O"!


:ou: :ou: :ou: :rice:
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Post by Bixby_Sooner »

Even with an almost certain win, I just can't bring myself to pick :hornsburning: . Instead, I'll take those Bluegrass eating fighting tigers from:

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Post by IMAsooner »

North Carolina at Pitt
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Post by walt »

I don't like to pick a 20 point team, but I don't like to risk the other teams who should win, but don't like any of them, so I am going to the Ducks of Oregon.
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Post by MHSooner »

I'll take Kentucky

:osu2: :hornsburning:
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Post by Aries »

Michigan Wolverines
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Post by WishBone »

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Post by OUcharlie »

"They would run us up, and they would run us back, and they would run us up. I tell you, people were tossing their cookies left and right. Gosh almighty. I hung in there. I was determined to stay the course." - Prentice Gautt.
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Post by OU Guy »

To those still in survivor, this is what it takes to win the survivor game. Me, I was sacked in end zone week 1.

In Brent I Trust :D
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Post by Blue »

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Post by cushcreekmont »

While I committed suicide the first week by taking TCU, I want to show some underdogs that might win outright - At least you might avoid the chalk as your survivor pick. I used different picks in the Snarling Dogs because of some spreads that were too large and teams that I thought were as live as these to win. Sorry if this post bothers anyone, but I did not want to confuse anything on that Dog thread.

Again, I have been in the dirt since the first game, so my ghost is ranting....

Live dogs this week.

Wash St +3

Okie lite (I think they go by OSU) +3.5

South Fla +2
texsa sucks!
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