OU vs TCU - Pick the Score Contest

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OU vs TCU - Pick the Score Contest

Post by gcruse7 »

Saturday's contest has been described by many as an ugly win, and in many ways I can agree with that. However when it comes against a team that you have never beaten, I'd have to say that any win would have to be considered pretty. While there was plenty to dislike (especially the run defense and FG kicking), there were also some big highlights: 3 turnovers forced by the defense (including an unforgettable 100-yd pick 6), Sawchuk's 3rd straight 100-yd outing, Anderson's freshman-record-tying 9th TD catch of the season, and a glimpse at the future QB at OU, including his very savvy audible to a game-clinching first down throw!

When it comes to the Pick the Score contest, Charliedontsurf also considered it a pretty win as the Sooners too-close-for-comfort victory gave him his second win of the season, becoming the 3rd player to notch his second victory. It seems the rest of us have little chance with these prognosticators. Here are all of the winners this year:

Week 1: Triple Option 77-0; actual score 73-0
Week 2: Fly 38-10; actual score 28-11
Week 3: Walt 63-13, actual score 66-17
Week 4: Charliedontsurf 24-15; actual score 20-6
Week 5: KySooner 48-10, Wishbone 45-13, actual score 50-20.
Week 6: Fly 34-31; actual score 34-30
Week 7: OUBeliever56A 31-13; actual score 31-29
Week 8: OU lost - no winner
Week 9: OU lost, so I don't care who won
Week 10: Walt 56-10, actual score 59-20
Week 11: Charliedontsurf 30-18, actual score 31-24

The Sooners close out the regular season on Friday against last year's national runners-up (but a bit of a disappointment this year), the TCU horned frogs. Then with a win they can wait out the weekend to see if they get the needed help to make the B12 Championship. It looks pretty likely that the Sooners will be relying on their bright future at QB to bring the ship home as Jackson Arnold seems to be in line to get his first of many starts a season early. Hopefully Lebby will give him opportunities to throw down field while also not neglecting their newfound run game. And hopefully we won't have to rely on a FG to win. I say that Jackson gets his first of many wins, but it won't be without a struggle.

:ou: 31
:hornedfrog: 21
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Post by OU Guy »

OU 47
Tcu 24
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Post by Triple Option »

Image = 77

Image = 0
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Post by walt »

OU 57 - tcu 19
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Post by Gandalf »

24-17, OU
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Post by WishBone »

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Post by SoonerTony »

Sooners 33
Dirty Cheap Shot Artists 24
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Post by Zgeo »

OU 44. TCU 21

:BV: :ou: :rice:
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Post by Bixby_Sooner »

:ou: 38

:frog: 20
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Post by OUGENO »

OU 38-17
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Post by Fly »

Sooners 35
frogs 24.

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Post by waddy's ghost »

OU 28-24
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Post by soonerindallas »

Gandalf wrote: Mon Nov 20, 2023 6:06 am24-17, OU
This is probably pretty on target.
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Post by Charliedontsurf »

22 - 15 :ou:
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Post by MHSooner »

OU 34

TCU 17

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