"mr. Kennedy start your new frontier"

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"mr. Kennedy start your new frontier"

Post by inconnu »

"so I can buy me a rocking chair."

Do any of the old timers here remember that song? I know it existed. I remember very well hearing it. Can anyone here tell us anything about the song? I tried google to find anything about the song, and even did a search on youtube about it, but it appears to be unavailable. can anyone here shed some light on the mystery? :confusedplus:
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Post by BudaSooner »

Quick reply IRT your query in your post: No, can't help you, don't remember it in any detail, although it IS somewhat familiar.

Funny that your post should be so closely related to the post that I am getting ready to post. Maybe YOU can help ME, huh?

Check my post: Didja Ever Have a Tune...
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